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Seeking Backers To Fund Unique Letterpress art Project

Reva Nafso, a graphic designer and owner of her own consulting firm, has created a Kickstarter project to help fund the Bucket Series, a limited edition set of artworks designed to inspire as well as admire. Reva explains the idea for the Bucket Series came from her and her husband’s own personal lists of things they wanted to see or do in life before they died, commonly known as a “bucket list.” Over the years, the Nafsos had certain lists interpreted by local artists that they kept for their personal collection. Many of their friends were impressed by these art pieces and asked for copies of their own. Reva hand-selected several of the drawings and compiled them into larger prints, the first being College Football Traditions (artist Marilia Beltrame) and the second European Destinations (drawn by Mike Swallow) to much acclaim. Then Reva decided to take the concept one step further. “I wondered wouldn’t it be great to connect with various experts and ask them create bucket lists with their own unique take,” she remarked. Thus, the Bucket Series was born. Reva has been busy connecting with experts and bloggers in a variety of different fields asking them to submit lists. The planned Volumes in the list include: Craft Breweries, Film Festivals, Castles, and Extreme Sports. Each Volume will be letterpress printed by Boxcar Press in New york in limited editions of 100. Also, two individual items are selected, illustrated, and letterpressed into 8x10 minimalist prints, also limited to 100. For the March Volume, celebrity blogger Kiersten Rich of Blonde Abroad will submit her Fashion Traveler list for artistic interpretation. They expect to announce other expert lists shortly. To launch the Bucket Series, Reva is seeking donors through her Kickstarter page with a goal to reach $10,000. She will be using this money to pay their artists and experts as well as pre-orders for Boxcar Press. Backers pledging a certain amount will receive exclusive prints of the first two Volumes (College Football and European Destinations) and order planned Volumes in the series. For more information visit: Or contact: