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Seeking Backers To Fund Unique Letterpress art Project

Reva Nafso, a graphic designer and owner of her own consulting firm, has created a Kickstarter project to help fund the Bucket Series, a limited edition set of artworks designed to inspire as well as admire. Reva explains the idea for the Bucket Series came from her and her husband’s own personal lists of things they wanted to see or do in life before they died, commonly known as a “bucket list.” Over the years, the Nafsos had certain lists interpreted by local artists that they kept for their personal collection. Many of their friends were impressed by these art pieces and asked for copies of their own. Reva hand-selected several of the drawings and compiled them into larger prints, the first being College Football Traditions (artist Marilia Beltrame) and the second European Destinations (drawn by Mike Swallow) to much acclaim. Then Reva decided to take the concept one step further. “I wondered wouldn’t it be great to connect with various experts and ask them create bucket lists with their own unique take,” she remarked. Thus, the Bucket Series was born. Reva has been busy connecting with experts and bloggers in a variety of different fields asking them to submit lists. The planned Volumes in the list include: Craft Breweries, Film Festivals, Castles, and Extreme Sports. Each Volume will be letterpress printed by Boxcar Press in New york in limited editions of 100. Also, two individual items are selected, illustrated, and letterpressed into 8x10 minimalist prints, also limited to 100. For the March Volume, celebrity blogger Kiersten Rich of Blonde Abroad will submit her Fashion Traveler list for artistic interpretation. They expect to announce other expert lists shortly. To launch the Bucket Series, Reva is seeking donors through her Kickstarter page with a goal to reach $10,000. She will be using this money to pay their artists and experts as well as pre-orders for Boxcar Press. Backers pledging a certain amount will receive exclusive prints of the first two Volumes (College Football and European Destinations) and order planned Volumes in the series. For more information visit: Or contact:

Little Fishes Indiegogo Campaign

Alexia Anastasio is an artist, actress and filmmaker who has starred, co-directed and co-produced many independent film productions. Alexia draws, paints, enjoys doing collage work and photography. As an actress she was recently featured in feature film Supernaturalz, HBO’s Bored to Death, VH1 “If you like…” commercial and Vetiver’s “Everyday” music video. Anastasio started experimenting in film 12 years ago while attending SUNY Purchase.

She made many short films, some experimental narratives and documentaries, started her own art, music and film festival, CAMP Festival. She has worked for many directors, festivals, distribution companies and even an independent cinema. After working behind the scenes on many independent shorts and features, she edited a feature documentary, Vampira: The Movie, associate produced The Wild World of Ted V.

Mikels, produced and starred in the mockumentary 7 Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult and helped promote and sell the movies at horror and comic book conventions. Not to mention that she also sold her short films. That is where she discovered the profound connection between fan and filmmaker.

D.H. Lawrence, author of the famous book, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, looked into love, feelings and the explosive heart. Please join us in this filmmaking journey.


ShareIn launches new equity crowdfunding platform for UK technology and health companies

Site sets itself apart with best-of-breed share structure and tight focus on valuation

Edinburgh, UK – December 12, 2013 – ShareIn (, a crowdfunding company, today announced the beta launch of its equity based crowdfunding platform for British technology and health focussed companies.

Billed as “TED with an invest button”, in a reference to the hugely successful thought-leadership and innovation conference series, ShareIn is designed specifically to provide equity investment from £40,000 to £1m for inspirational UK companies looking to change the world through innovation, engineering and science.

Crowdfunding has recently surged in popularity with the success of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, but such reward-based platforms are mainly applicable to companies that offer consumer products. With ShareIn, equity investors get a share in the future success of a technology company they believe in.

ShareIn provides a platform for individuals keen to invest in technology companies, from as little as £10 up to £10,000 or more*. In addition to the potential future reward that can be gained by owning shares in a start-up company, UK Government tax breaks can reduce investment risk by more than 70%.

For the right investor, initiatives such as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) can actually eliminate the financial risk of their investment altogether. Read more about SEIS and EIS here

Unlike other equity crowdfunding platforms, ShareIn offers investors a best-of-breed share structure, where every share carries voting rights and establishes professional, fair legal arrangements between the shareholder and the investee company, without forcing the use of a middle-man and the associated fees.

ShareIn also sets itself apart by focussing closely on company valuations, asking companies to justify their valuation to potential investors in an extensive section containing data on actual money spent to date and the estimated costs to replicate the company to its current state. In addition, ShareIn provides investors with a secondary market for their shares, providing a bulletin board to allow investors to sell their shares.

The technologies currently being funded on the site include:

• “The underwater jet pack” from S.C.P. Marine Innovation Ltd.

A unique, wearable hydro-jet pack designed to revolutionise water sports and diving through high performance marine thrusters mounted directly onto the user’s forearms. This unique delivery system generates powerful thrust, amplifying movements of the user’s arms.

• “An MRI scan for forests” from Carbomap Ltd.

A unique combination of airborne and satellite data for the £1.6 billion global forest monitoring market. Over four years of world-class research has led to the development of a multispectral canopy lidar, a revolutionary laser scanning instrument designed to fill a gap in airborne forest survey requirements.

• “Soundtrack to your…” from Philtinium Ltd.

The world’s first lifestyle-based music streaming discovery service, builds charts based on the musical events and activities that shape its users’ lives, automatically finding and streaming playlists and tracks from any legal source the user has access to on the web.

• “Real holographic 3D” from Holoxica Ltd.

As featured on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, a patented holographic 3D video display, where images appear in mid-air. Huge potential, with applications ranging across billion-dollar industries including scientific visualization, medical imaging, engineering design and video gaming.

• “Safer insect control” by Xeroshield Ltd.

Non-chemical innovative technologies for insect-borne disease prevention that are environmentally friendly, easy and safe to use in the fight against Dengue and Lyme disease, which affect millions of people each year worldwide.

Full details on all of the above companies is available to anyone who registers for free on ShareIn beta.

* The maximum automatic investment via ShareIn’s payment provider, Gocardless, is £10,000. Larger investments require money laundering checks and direct bank transfers.

About ShareIn

ShareIn is an equity crowdfunding platform exclusively for technology and health companies. The company was founded in 2012 with the goal of connecting innovative UK companies that want to change the world with financially savvy investors who want to help them. For more information, visit