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All you want to know about Merchant Cash Advances

In the past few years, Equity crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer loans have emerged as key sources of finance for the small businesses. A yet another expensive yet easily available funding option for small businesses is Merchant Cash Advances (MCA). According to the Green Sheet, the MCA market is estimated at $500-$700 million, with the potential to reach $3-5 billion over next few years. This article answers some questions on the Merchant Cash Advances. Continue reading

Five Things the General Public Should Know About Crowdfunding

I collaborate with people on a daily basis and, without question, the best grievance they charge would be that they can’t bring up enough money to invest in their start up company. Obviously, money is naturally a scarce resource and always will certainly be, but what they truly mean when they say capital is the fact that they don’t have access or relationship towards the leading teams of dealers, financially independent people (e.g., angel investors) and venture capitalists. Continue reading