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Crowdfunders and Infrastructure Implications – A comparison with Self-Publishing

Crowdfunding is quite simple task to do but is quite a difficult job to follow up. However, it has been quite clear that the implication of infrastructure deployment while going for a newly developed scheme of crowdfunding. It is also quite coherent with self-publishing, and needs sufficient propping infrastructure to back it up and; therefore, enable it to stand and to support the very project initiators and owners. Like the business of self-publishing, it also has the ability to tap into the valuable resources of the system.  Hence, enabling the crowdfunding community to play a vital role in the development, as well as firming the very foundations of the system.


The advantage offered, at the helm of self-publishing is that it offers a great deal of flexibility to enhance the operational characteristics of the network of many author services together with many freelancers, which are just doing their worked for the traditional publishers. Moreover, any of the self-publisher has the capability to hire the very same editor working on the central front of developing titles. Unfortunately, these facilitates are purely absent in crowdfunding and it business loans plans.


The differentiation of crowdfunding projects is due to the inclusion of different rewards based on different locations. Aside from that the usage of startup loans/financing services is also quite absent in self publishing domains. This has made crowdfunding quite helpful for the people having little or even  no capital to invest and aids them to the fullest extent for getting the small business loan/financing, at ease. Apart from that, there are numerous opportunities for an average crowdfunder to explore the world of crowdfunding and even forge new relationships with a number of suppliers and attain a number of services. It is also quite beneficial for those people who just want to work for a project and go for small budgets.


However, for most of the project managers, the most crucial task for them is to find a way to make the task possible and economically feasible. As far as the hiring of experts are under consideration, they mostly go for the case-to-case basis. Nevertheless, till now there are no crowdfunding services providers which are going to act as a project mentor and lead the whole team through the eye of the storm. Indeed, the task would be quite critical for them too as it required ample expertise as well as sound professional background to make leaders out of the peasants.


As the crowdfunding becomes more and more mainstream, this opens the doorway for the development of various projects and hence the evolution of project managers to lead their teams. Nonetheless, most of the projects will be quite shorter in number, but it does not mean that they would generate meager revenue and enjoy the benefits. In crowdfunding, raising substantial funds is not an uphill task; however, it can be done by the help of several peoples having no or limited purchasing power.

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